Roadway Construction and Reconstruction

Quality Roadwork At Highway Speeds

Lane widening and reconstruction. Staged construction. Traffic control. Utility coordination. Every urban roadway project tests all these unique skills and experience. C.W. Matthews has a long and successful history of performing roadway construction and reconstruction in congested urban areas.

The demands of adding high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, with the majority of the work performed at night, is not for the novice or inexperienced. Maintaining multiple lanes of traffic at interstate speeds while construction progresses requires experience in advanced traffic control techniques.

Preplanning, job knowledge, and a dedication to safety are trademarks of the Matthews' approach to urban road rehabilitation.

"I have observed firsthand Matthews' ability to successfully build projects in highly congested areas under very adverse conditions, while maintaining traffic and keeping the job safe for both the public and Matthews' workers."

—Bob Galante
Engineering Division Manager
Cobb County Department of Transportation

74 Years of Service
(1946 - 2020)