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Helping to improve the lives of our neighbors, families, and friends.

Our mission to help our people build great lives doesn’t just include building roads. It goes beyond our construction work to include community activities like donation drives, charity events, and other service-based activities. Our people stay active both on the job and off, with volunteer initiatives that take place every year.

Service has always been part of our company, with roots in our founder’s spiritual calling to help his fellow man. That calling lives on today as a fundamental part of our C.W. Matthews culture. We firmly believe that by helping others, we help ourselves grow and develop on our journey to be the best we can be.

Benefits of Community Service

Why Get Involved?

It's our experience and firm belief that becoming involved in service activities benefits both our community and our company. Not just that, it’s the right thing to do.

Service Partnerships

Community Projects

Make-A-Wish Foundation
Our team at C.W. Matthews has partnered with Make-A-Wish to provide aid to children with critical illnesses. Besides donating, we’ve hosted sponsored children for events at our offices that have brought together additional partners in our community.
Extra Special People (ESP)
C.W. Matthews has collaborated with locally based charity, Extra Special People (ESP), to create transformative experiences for individuals of all abilities.
Must Ministries
Our organization is founded on faith-based principles of charity and service, which is why Must Ministries has been a natural partner in our community service efforts. Throughout the years, C.W. Matthews has worked with Must Ministries on countless projects to provide food and housing for people in need.
C.W. Matthews has donated generously to Devereaux Advanced Behavioral Health to help care for children with behavioral, emotional, and intellectual challenges. The organization is committed to its vision of creating a life of resilience, self-fulfillment, and happiness for people of all abilities.
Safe Path
Safe Path Children’s Advocacy Center works to build a community that’s free of child abuse, and to reduce the trauma to children and their families by offering a comprehensive, professional, and child-friendly approach to allegations of child abuse.
McKenna Farms
C.W. Matthews has worked with McKenna Farms Therapy Service to assist children with special needs in northern Georgia. Our partnership has built lasting relationships between our company and our community members.
The Extension
C.W. Matthews is a proud supporter of The Extension, which has done remarkable work in helping hundreds of homeless men and women in Cobb County take control of their lives back from drug and alcohol addiction.
Center for Family Resources
Our company contributes annually to the Center for Family Resources’ “Thanks for Giving” food drive through donations as well as volunteering time and resources to help collect and deliver donations made by others.
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Service starts at home

CWM Charitable Fund

At C.W. Matthews, our mission to help others starts at home with our employees. We know life takes unexpected turns, which can catch even the most prepared of us off-guard and leave us needing help. As an employer, we feel we have a responsibility to help our people in those situations with whatever assistance we can offer.

In 2020, our company formed the CWM Charitable Fund to give financial support to team members facing unexpected hardship in their personal lives. It’s our way, as a family, of looking out for each other in times of need.

The fund is made of voluntary employee contributions made throughout the year, and is given as-needed to C.W. Matthews employees who are struggling with unexpected hardship like family illness, home loss, or other crises that have left them in need of support. The money is 100% donated, and its use is decided by a board made up of seven employees representing divisions of the company.

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