The Final Layer

Our paving division is our direct connection with our most important customer: the traveling public. We pride ourselves on delivering the smoothest, most durable driving surfaces in Georgia, because ultimately, we know that quality equals safety. Our mission is to create high-quality roads so that you can focus on what’s most important: getting yourself and your family where you want to go safely, quickly, and reliably.

C.W. Matthews’ paving team is experienced in all aspects of the asphalt paving process. We adhere to the exact tolerances required by the Georgia Department of Transportation, and use stringent quality control measures to ensure the correct product and application. Our teams are also adept at operating in high-traffic areas. We follow established protocols designed to reduce impact on traffic and ensure the safety of our employees and the safety of the public.



Advance your career with a C.W. Matthews paving team


What Sets Us Apart

C.W. Matthews paving division is a leader in asphalt construction with a proven track record of delivering high-quality roads in a timely manner. We are set apart by the following differentiators:


“I started out at CWM in 2016 shoveling asphalt and became a Foreman in 2018 and it’s all because of the great people here. They’re what I love most about my division.”
Dylan Marbry



Our asphalt construction division performs all aspects of asphalt paving, on projects ranging from roadways and interstates to ports, airport runways, racetracks, and more. We’re experienced in multiple types of asphalt surfaces and perform a variety of services.

Our Wheelhouse

Our paving division performs milling services to remove existing asphalt material that is either old or failing before we repave.
C.W. Matthews is an expert in roadway paving and delivers durable, smooth, safe surfaces for the motoring public.
Specialty Surfaces
We specialize in paving all projects, from simple roadways to highly unique surfaces including airport runways.
Airport Paving
C.W. Matthews has a long history of airport runway paving, and is a consistent partner with Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and other local and regional airports.
Recycled Materials
Asphalt is one of the most renewable construction materials that exists, and we’re often able to recycle milling material to repave other surfaces.
Traffic Control
We staff our own traffic control teams to maintain the highest safety standards for our paving crews and the traveling public.