We’re getting Georgia home, starting with our most valuable asset—our people.

Our Philosopy

Our Philosopy

Safety At Every Level

At C.W. Matthews, protecting our people and the traveling public is the most important measure of our performance. We hold firmly to our conviction that every team member must return home safely at the end of every shift—no exceptions, no excuses. Safety forms the foundation of our company’s success.

Those who are part of C.W. Matthews know our safety culture demands 100% buy-in. Every member of our team is held accountable and responsible for each other’s safety—from the most entry-level position to the company’s President and CEO. We empower everyone, regardless of their position, to be a safety leader by speaking up so that safety is never compromised.


Components of Our Safety Culture

Over the years, we’ve developed building blocks for our safety culture. No single component or tool can guarantee safety, but together they form a program with proven results.

Safety Leaders

Safety Leaders

Improving Safety for Our Entire Industry

Today, C.W. Matthews is committed to changing the role of safety—not just within our company, but within our industry as a whole. We believe a rising tide raises all ships. To that end, we’re doing all we can to set the standard of safety excellence for others to follow—from safety training that starts on day one, to investing in technologies that help eliminate risks. We are defining what it means to work safely for the next generation of builders.

Responsible Partner

Environmental Efforts

C.W. Matthews is committed to preserving our state for generations to come. We continually innovate to make our products and services environmentally sustainable.

Who Safety Impacts

Protecting our people, our partners, and the traveling public

Highway construction projects involve numerous team members and have a direct impact on countless citizens who travel through worksites every day. As a heavy Highway Contractor, our safety responsibilities include multiple groups:

C.W. Matthews employees
The people of C.W. Matthews are the reason our company exists. Our safety culture is built upon the protection of every employee, and our commitment to getting every worker home safely at the end of their shift.
C.W. Matthews employees
On any C.W. Matthews project, we treat our subcontractors and project partners like family by looking out for their safety just as we do ours.
Road paved by C.W. Matthews
By nature, our roadway projects impact millions of motorists who drive through our work zones each and every day. We operate to ensure safe passage for the duration of our projects.

Why I Work Safe

“I work safe because you never know who you’re inspiring. We all have a greater impact on individuals than we can imagine.”
Alonso Rodriquez
Safety Manager
"That’s just how we do it at Matthews. We put our people first, always."
Randy Chester
Senior Superintendent