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With 27 fully owned-and-operated asphalt plants located throughout the state, C.W. Matthews is one of Georgia’s leading designers and producers of hot-mix asphalt. Asphalt production has been part of our services since the 1950s, starting with our first asphalt plant in Marietta, Georgia. Since then, we’ve continued to expand our operations and refine our production methods to best serve our customers.

The C.W. Matthews name has become synonymous with exceptional product quality and customer service, thanks to our dedicated team of asphalt plant professionals. Our valued customers rely on us for the same high quality, competitively priced asphalt that we supply our own paving teams. And we go out of our way to provide all of our customers with the same service we give our CWM teams.



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Asphalt Terminals

Liquid Asphalt Storage Terminals

Bright Star Energy, Inc. is a sister company to C.W. Matthews that manages the asphalt terminals and purchases all liquid asphalt. Bright Star has two (2) asphalt terminals:

  • Rockmart Terminal

    The Rockmart, Georgia terminal is serviced by Norfolk-Southern RR and CSX RR. The rail siding has a capacity to unload 20 cars at a time. All tanks at this facility have the capability to blend materials. Georgia is primarily a 64-22 and 67-22 spec state, but we take different materials such as other PG grades, 0-10 PEN, flux, etc. to blend on spec products. We have a Polymer-Modified Asphalt (PMA) plant at this facility to produce our own 76-22.

  • Chattanooga Terminal

    Our other asphalt terminal is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee on the Tennessee River and can accommodate barge cargo only. This terminal accepts on-spec 64-22 and 67-22 and all other materials to blend to on-spec product.

Asphalt Products

Mix Design & Lab Facilities

As one of Georgia’s top asphalt suppliers, C.W. Matthews produces a wide range of asphalt mixes, tested in accordance with state DOT and various other unique specifications. Our hot-mix asphalt products are used to pave surfaces ranging from secondary two-lane roads to heavy-traffic interstates and interchanges, commercial parking lots, and airport runways. We’ve outfitted each of our plant facilities with its own Quality Control lab to ensure consistent standards at every location.

Our Design Lab operates day and night to ensure the accuracy of our asphalt mixes. We’re one of the state DOT’s most highly regarded partners because we take the steps necessary to meet all specifications and deliver the highest quality asphalt product possible. Our goal is always to create a reliable product to serve drivers for decades to come.


“At the end of the day whether your top management or a young kid starting out – everyone rolls up their sleeves to help because we are all part of the same team.”
Plant Foreman



Our asphalt plants have received numerous quality and performance awards from some of the industry’s most reputable agencies. C.W. Matthews has been recognized by the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA), Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), Georgia Asphalt Pavement Association (GAPA), Georgia Highway Contractors Association, and many others. Past awards include:

Past Awards Include:

NAPA Diamond Award
Quality in Construction Award
Sheldon G. Hayes Award Finalist
GDOT Smoothness Award