Smooth surfaces, premium durability

C.W. Matthews concrete paving and construction division specializes in delivering the concrete components of today’s roadways. From paving miles of concrete interstate lanes to small, curb and gutter construction, we’re experienced and equipped to fulfill the concrete needs of virtually any project.

Our concrete crews are made up of many highly experienced employees with decades of combined knowledge and experience. In addition to paving and flatwork, they also manufacture concrete internally at our multiple plant locations, allowing them to control quality and ensure quick delivery to keep our projects moving forward.



Elevate your career in our Concrete Paving & Construction Division

Concrete Paving

Building Durable Road Surfaces

C.W. Matthews concrete paving teams are experts at constructing smooth, durable concrete surfaces to last for generations. Road owners rely on the durability of concrete pavement for areas that are subject to large volumes of stop and go truck traffic and the portability of our concrete paving plants that are well suited for remote locations that cannot be serviced by fixed location asphalt plants. Our concrete paving teams consist of many highly experienced employees whose knowledge and experience guarantee quality.

Concrete Flatwork

Building Smooth Surfaces

Concrete flatwork is a common component of many roadway and infrastructure projects. As such, it’s a focus of C.W. Matthews concrete paving and construction division. We maintain multiple crews made up of experts in driveway, sidewalk, curb and gutter, and other forms of concrete flatwork. Our crews work in conjunction with our main project teams to complete their work safely, efficiently, and to the precise specifications of the project.

Concrete Plants

Manufacturing quality concrete

C.W. Matthews owns and operates multiple concrete plants to serve our operations. Also called batch plants, these facilities are strategically located for quick delivery to ongoing projects throughout our state, and can be relocated once a project is completed. By controlling the manufacturing of all concrete used on our projects, we are able to ensure the material meets the strict quality standards that C.W. Matthews is known for. We control the mixture of cement, aggregate, and water for the correct consistency and schedule it for delivery exactly when it’s needed.


What Sets Us Apart

Our concrete paving and construction division excels by focusing on the fundamentals that are so often overlooked by others. We run a safe, efficient operation with the least possible impact to our environment and the surrounding community. Our work is distinguished by the following:


“In concrete, we are constantly learning. My advice to someone starting out their career would be to learn as much as you can and take every chance to grow yourself.”
Avery Penegar
Engineer, Concrete



C.W. Matthews performs work on various concrete elements and surfaces included in modern infrastructure designs. We are highly experienced in concrete paving, flatwork, and production, allowing us to self-perform a majority of concrete work on roadways and project sites.

Our team specializes in delivering durable, smooth concrete surfaces ranging from sidewalks to interstates. Our portfolio includes projects located in some of the state’s most densely populated urban centers.

Our Wheelhouse

Airport Paving
Our teams have performed concrete paving at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and other regional airports in Georgia.
Interstate Paving
Our concrete paving and construction division is involved on numerous interstate projects every year.
Industrial Site Paving
We perform concrete paving for large-scale industrial sites designed to endure constant traffic and heavy equipment loads.
Concrete Flatwork
We self-perform sidewalks, curb and gutter, driveways, and other concrete features that are essential to our infrastructure.
Slip-Form Concrete
Our team is experienced in slip-form concrete construction, one of the safest and most efficient methods available.
Architectural Concrete
Our teams have been involved with projects that include stamped and colored concrete and other architectural elements.
Concrete Plants
We own and operate several concrete plants which allow us to control production and respond quickly to changing schedules.
Concrete Quality Control
We adhere to strict quality control standards for long-lasting durability and smoothness.
Concrete Roadway
Concrete paving is common on some of Georgia’s larger interstate highways, and requires large-scale production and paving capabilities.
Concrete Walkway
We pave walkways on residential and urban roadway projects.

Featured Projects

Concrete Paving & Construction Projects