Marietta, GA

Hembree Road Intersection Improvements

Concrete Paving & Construction
1 Year
Cobb County Department of Transportation

Project Details

This project involved urban intersection improvements and safety upgrades to the Hembree Road Intersection at Pope High School in Marietta, GA.. The project was built to more efficiently handle the extreme amount of traffic entering and existing Pope High School in the mornings and afternoons. In addition to increasing the traffic flow through the intersection, it was also designed to allow safer pedestrian access for persons walking to and from the school.

In total, the contract lasted one year for total completion, including a 60-day summer total road closure (when school was out) to complete 75% of the project. The project used colored and stamped concrete for aesthetics, it also incorporated landscaping areas in the center of the project for aesthetics. An offsite detour was used during the road closure to redirect traffic around the intersection. CWM crews worked 7 days a week during the closure to complete the grading, storm drainage, concrete flatwork, asphalt, signs, and pavement markings before the deadline.

Prior to the road closure many utilities had to be relocated to eliminate conflicts with the new construction. Utilities included water, power, gas and telecommunications. All relocations were done under traffic. Two culverts were extended to accommodate the wider project footprint. The roundabout eliminated the existing traffic light to allow continuous traffic flow.

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