2023 Roller Rodeo

Our finest Roller Operators met up for some friendly competition at the Shop for our first-ever C.W. Matthews Roller Rodeo! Over the course of three events, our greatest Roller Operators each competed to become the best of the best. They took turns operating a CB 13 Cat Roller, a Hamm 90 Roller, and a Rubber Tire Roller through a course of cones. Eggs sat on top of each cone and contestants were challenged to not knock any over or roll outside of the lines.

A special thank you to Scott Hall and everyone else from the Asphalt Construction Division who helped organize these fun events. Mario Perez and Dylan Marbry kept close watch over each operator to ensure safety, record time, and take note of any cones that were hit! The Rodeo would not have been complete without AJ Lovingood who volunteered as our Rodeo Clown! 

After the course of three events, one walked away as the winner… Congratulations to Jonathan Lozano, the official Champion of the 2023 Roller Rodeo! Jonathan competed against our best operators and ultimately took home the champion belt buckle. Jonathan started out as a high school intern and work-based learning student in 2020 before joining us full-time after graduating in 2021… There’s no doubt that Jonathan’s future is bright! We hope to continue this great CWM tradition every year and it could not have happened without Scott Hall, the Asphalt Division leaders, and all our amazing sponsors.


Congratulations to Each Contestant!

  • Chris Mendoza
  • Maurice Elder
  • Therrell Morris
  • Shimell Nicholson
  • Keith McCain
  • Abigail Kenner
  • John Zephine
  • Jorge Martinez
  • Jonathan Lozano
  • Travis Barnes
  • Tracy Gordon
  • Julio Rosales
  • Mark Yarbough
  • David Lee Vale
  • Joshua Lara
  • Manuel Sanchez
  • Dontell Glover
  • Thomas Cooley
  • Christopher Beard
  • Thomas Moten
  • John Chandler
  • Taylor Miles
  • Leisa Couch
  • Jeremy Hall
  • Alfonso Hernandez
  • Javier Hernandez
  • Angel Anavisca
  • Anthony Jones
  • James Lowe
C.W. Matthews
July 11, 2023

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