April 2022 Asphalt Paving Jobs & Updates

Asphalt resurfacing in the state of Georgia is as strong as it has ever been, and C.W. Matthews’ commitment to providing the highest quality asphalt will be on full display this construction season.

Entering the new year, the Asphalt Division’s resurfacing backlog – to be placed in 2022 – sat at just over 825,000 tons, and within the first 90 days of the calendar, 19 projects – containing more than 525,000 tons were added to that reserve.  

 In total, the newly amassed projects account for more than 160 miles of resurfacing on interstate, state route, county road, and subdivision streets located in all regions of the state serviced by CWM. Some projects of note include: a 16.58-mile section of SR 21 in Screven County, two sections of SR 18 in Monroe County that combined total 24.295 miles, 37.15 miles of local roads in Cobb County, but the crown jewel of the recent additions is a 6.755-mile section of Interstate 75 – spanning from 17th Street to the Chattahoochee River – in Fulton County.  

The highly traveled section of interstate highway, which is witness to more than 210,000 motorists per day, was last resurfaced in 2011 and will see the placement of 118,000 tons of asphalt and the removal of more than 900,000 square yards of milling. Slated to begin in mid-May, the project will require much of the work to be completed at night, around the clock on the weekends, and great commitment from the employees involved.  

 Their hard work and dedication will improve the travels of millions of motorists for years to come, while standing as a testament to the high-quality work that our company is known for. 

Sam Mann, Lead Office Engineer
April 4, 2022

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