Employee Highlights: Going the Extra Mile

CWM is so proud to recognize the following employees for “Going the Extra Mile” every day on the job! Your acts of generosity, kindness, and care for others do not go unnoticed. Thank you! 

Tyi Weeks: 

Recently, Tyi Weeks was working at one of our plants when he noticed a dump truck driver was having a medical emergency. Realizing the man was in distress, Tyi immediately stepped in to help by using his CPR training to keep the man alive until paramedics arrived. Tyi is a shining example of the kind of people we all hope and strive to be at CWM. Thank you for simply caring for others and going the extra mile, Tyi! 

Dustin Yandle: 

Dustin Yandle is one of our Asphalt Paving crew members who was recognized by his Division Managers for going the extra mile. One day out on their job, a high-speed chase came through their construction zone. Dustin took immediate action and notified his crew members of the hazard within seconds. His warning allowed his crew to get themselves and their equipment out of the way just in time. Dustin is another example of the kind of employees that we are proud to call family. Thanks for looking out for others, Dustin! 

Jason Doyle: 

If you know Jason Doyle, you know he cares for others, he’s a strong yet humble leader, and he has the greatest servant’s heart. There’s not a person he won’t look out for whether you’re on his crew or a stranger driving along the road…This past month, Jason was working on his job when he was alerted of a car accident that had just happened down the road away from their jobsite. A man was hit by a distracted driver who then fled the scene. Jason helped pull the man out of the vehicle when no one else was yet there to help. He stayed until paramedics arrived to ensure this man was going to be okay. By the grace of God, the driver is doing okay, and his wife went to Jason’s jobsite to thank him for his act of service. Thank you, Jason! 

Tandy Cummings: 

Hats off to Tandy Cummings, one of our Mechanics in the Macon area. He’s only been with CWM for a short time, but he’s already making a major impact on both the company and our community… 

On his way home from work one day, Tandy stopped to help a stranger who was stranded on the side of the road. In the image to the left, you can read the driver’s message that we received. We are extremely proud of Tandy and his selfless act of kindness! Thank you for caring for others and for being another model employee. 

C.W. Matthews
July 11, 2022

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