Asphalt Manufacturing / Production

Smoothest Riding Surface In Georgia

No aspect of highway construction has more relevance to the public than a smooth riding surface.

Adherence to exact tolerances, proper design of paving material, and consistent quality control are essential for meeting the ride standards that the public expects and deserves.

Hazardous working conditions with fast moving vehicles within a few feet of the paving operation call for advanced traffic control measures and a constant dedication to safety for both the traveling public and each worker.

  • C.W. Matthews has placed more tons of asphalt paving in Georgia than any other privately owned company.
  • Recipient of numerous awards for quality riding surfaces.
  • Consistently among the highest producing asphalt operations in Georgia. (View PDF Article 260 KB)
  • C.W. Matthews has the capacity to produce over 5.5 million tons of asphalt each year.
  • 2008 NAPA Diamond Achievement Award Winner (View PDF Article 1.7 MB)
  • Hot-Mix Magazine's Guided Tour of our Terminal (View PDF Article 371 KB)

"The consistency and quality of Matthews riding surface is exemplary. C.W. Matthews Contracting Company is without a doubt one of the premier pavers in the United States."

—Wayne Shackelford
Chairman of Georgians for Better Transportation and
Former Commissioner of Georgia Department of Transportation

76 Years of Service
(1946 - 2022)