Plant Foreman

Plant forman taking a selfie behind a tank

Plant Foreman

As a Plant Foreman, you’ll play an important role in the success of our asphalt plant operations. Working closely alongside your fellow team members on a variety of production tasks, your day-to-day work will include supervising plant crews, communicating with project owners, ordering materials and equipment, mentoring employees, planning work for multiple weeks out, reading plans, and being proficient in all aspects of the job.

  • Supervision of plant teams
  • Ordering materials
  • Planning production

Path to Success

See How You Could Grow

Foreman is the entry-level management position in all of our CWM operational divisions. Achieving this position is a significant accomplishment and milestone in an individual’s career. In most cases it requires development of new skills related to communication, planning, and leadership. Once the Foreman level position has been achieved, an individual can advance through the ranks of higher level management including Plant Superintendent and General Plants Manager positions.