Atlanta, GA

Runway 8L/26R Removal and Replacement

Asphalt Paving & Construction, Concrete Paving & Construction, Grading & Utilities
29 days
City of Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport

Project Details

The general scope of work under this contract was the removal and replacement of partial areas of TW B3 and TW B11 due to pavement failure caused by ASR (alkali silicate reaction). The project also includes the removal and replacement of portions of Taxiways E and F along with the throat to Ramp 2 North. The most critical portion of the project was the removal and replacement of the majority of RW 8L/26R. The critical phase of work (RW 8L/26R, Ramp 2 North, TW B3, and TW B11 was required to be completed in 29 days (September 15—October 16).

The contract duration required that the work be prosecuted round the clock on a 7 day per week schedule. The work included all new lighting systems, subgrade repairs, underdrain repairs, and total new pavements markings for the runway and taxiways. This required the mobilization of a considerable portion of labor and equipment. Over 300 trucks were utilized in the pavement removal and the CTB (cement treated base) removal. The work was completed 1 day ahead of schedule.

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