Airport Inbound Roadway Improvements

Construction of improvements to upgrade the inbound roadway network to permit airline passengers and other airport users to drive or ride safely and conveniently to the Airport. The work includes new bridges, concrete pavement, asphalt pavement, curb and barrier walls; excavation and embankment; concrete retaining walls; mechanically stabilized walls; roadway lighting; and new way finding signage.

The work will be phased and constructed in a manner that maintains the existing number of traffic lanes along all segments of the roadway system to facilitate vehicle movement to and from the Terminal. A unique aspect of the project is the City of Atlanta provided no staging or traffic control plans. It was the contractor’s responsibility to develop and design a comprehensive traffic control plan. The CWM experience in this endeavor was instrumental in obtaining this project.

The contract was completed on time and under budget. Due to nature of contract, many design changes were accommodated during construction.

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