Alpharetta, GA

Encore Parkway Bridge Replacement

Bridges & Structures
540 days
City of Alpharetta

Project Details

The $14.6 million Encore Parkway Bridge Replacement was designed to provide a better connection from North Point Parkway to the neighborhoods on the opposite side of SR 400. The bridge was replaced by a new wider bridge with bike lanes, larger sidewalks, medians and planters. The new bridge is 116 feet wide with 2-150 foot spans over SR 400. Each span has 18 PSC 74 inch Bulb Tee Beams for a total of 36 beams on the entire project.

A few utilities on the existing project posed some challenges. There was a 24 inch water main, Georgia Power lines, and a high priority Verizon Wireless fiber duct bank. The crews were able to work around the duct bank conflict and save the utility company over $1 million dollars. The power lines had to be quickly relocated at the beginning of the project in order for the crews to start on time. The 24 inch water main was not correctly shown on the original plans and had to be added.

The project design also featured aesthetic enhancements. A special form liner was used on the bridge and walls to create a natural stone look. In addition, all of the concrete was stained with a multicolor stain. The schedule was tight with only 540 days to complete the project. In addition, only 365 days were allotted for the road closure. Even with the tight schedule the project was completed on time.

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