Building Roads, Building Futures

“Building Roads and Building Futures” is more than a slogan used by C.W. Matthews, it is part of our culture.  If you look around this Company, you will see men and women who have invested their time and energy into CWM and the Company has in turn invested in them.  There are over 400 employees that have been with CWM for over 10 years.  The management of this Company and our boardroom is full of people who started out as entry-level employees.  That opportunity still exists today and should excite every employee working for the Company.  Whether you are a brand-new employee or have worked here for years we want you to reach your full potential.  I believe there are 4 simple things each of you can do to help reach your full potential: 

  1. Treat this as your career, not just a job. A job is something you do until something better comes along.  I want this to be a place you want to stay and build a future.  I assure you that if you do your part this is not a dead-end job.  The opportunities are endless.
  1. Have a desire to learn.  Ask questions, be curious, and have a desire to understand not just what you are doing but why you are doing it.  Be willing to learn how what you are doing fits into building our projects.  Be willing to learn new things and look for new challenges.  Once you have mastered a skilled look for opportunities to learn a new skill.  Most of all find someone you respect on your crew or in your division and ask them to mentor you and share their knowledge.
  1. Show up every day with a good attitude and be willing to deal with some adversity.  Not every day will be perfect.  Trust me, you will have some tough days.  There will be some long hours, hot weather, and even difficult bosses, but how you deal with those tough days will determine how successful you will be here or anywhere else. Have some grit and be willing to work through adversity. Don’t quit the first time something doesn’t go your way.
  1. Work hard and give us your best effort.  Be on time, be productive and work safely every day.  The Company is very production and safety oriented and to be successful you need to be a productive and safe member of the team.

Doing these 4 simple things will help put you on the path to success at CWM.  We have plenty of work and there are plenty of opportunities for every employee to grow in this Company.  We want each employee to reach their full potential only limited by their abilities whether that is being an equipment operator, Foreman, Superintendent, General Superintendent, General Manager, Vice President, or the President of CWM.  

 We appreciate every one of our employees and there is still plenty of room on the team.  If any of you know someone who has what it takes to be successful at CWM, we ask you to invite them to join the team.  Working together, the future is bright for CWM and for each of you.

Michael Bell, Chief Financial Officer
April 17, 2022

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