State Route 92 Projects and Updates

C.W. Matthews and State Route 92 have both played a vital role in getting Georgia home over the years. We currently have three active GDOT projects in various areas of SR 92, with another soon to be starting up. In the last 25 years, CWM has completed no less than three additional large scale construction projects on SR 92, mainly in Cherokee County, as well as countless other resurfacing projects along the corridor. It is interesting to note that SR 92 traverses almost 98 miles through the suburbs of Atlanta beginning in downtown Roswell and making a sweeping arc around northwest Metro Atlanta then turning south to eventually ending in Griffin. 

Currently we have an active project along the route in Douglas County that has been ongoing since 2014. This challenging project has been plagued with issues beyond our control and is now scheduled to be complete later this year. The work includes relocating portions of the state route around downtown Douglasville, as well as creating a grade separated crossing of the roadway under the existing train tracks and US 78 via two new bridges in town. 

The next segment of SR 92 that CWM is currently working on ties to the project mentioned above on the outskirts of Douglasville and continues North for 7 miles stopping just outside of downtown Hiram. This project, which has been ongoing since late 2017 reconstructs this portion of the state highway from two lanes to four lanes with a median and includes work on three bridges along the route. This project is slated to be complete by late summer of 2023. 

The last portion of State Route 92 that we have under construction today is a 2-mile segment in Cobb County very near the City of Acworth. This project has been ongoing since the summer of 2019 and includes the reconstruction and re-alignment of a very congested section of the highway that runs across Lake Allatoona. Part of this project involves a new 1,400-foot-long bridge across the lake. There are also two other bridges along the route and 26, yes, we said 26 walls of varying types and sizes. This section is on track to be complete in early Spring of 2023. 

Back in March of this year, CWM was the successful low bidder on yet another portion of SR 92 that is in need of reconstruction. This latest project, which is in both Cobb and Paulding Counties, begins at the intersection of SR 92 and Old Burnt Hickory Road in Dallas and continues northeast for 4.5 miles to the intersection at US 41/Cobb Parkway in north Cobb County. This segment will also be reconstructed from two lanes to four lanes divided along with the installation of a roundabout at Old Burnt Hickory Road. 

CWM would like to give a huge shout out to everyone involved in these projects from Estimating, “where it all begins,” to the hard-working folks in the field that put the finishing touches on the projects on their way to the next one, and everyone in between. These challenging and amazing projects could never be successful without each member of the CWM team performing their vital role and working toward the common goal of getting Georgia home… 

Kevin Eubanks, Vice President, Roadway
July 19, 2022

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