The Future of C.W. Matthews

What will the future of CWM look like 12 or 18 months from now? Our State? Our Country?  

It seems difficult these days to properly plan for the future, and I find myself distracted by all the issues facing not only our industry, but the world. With the remnants of the pandemic, the ongoing war in Ukraine, the impact of inflation, and the supply chain disruptions, it is easy to find yourself looking for answers, that for the most part, are not in our control.  

So instead of wasting time on issues I can’t control, I find hope knowing that we have an amazing team that has stepped up in previous difficult times. My challenge to each of you is to focus on a few of the items below that we can control: 


  • Safety of your fellow coworkers 
  • Investing in people – training and retention 
  • Maximizing productivity by properly planning and executing 
  • Reducing fuel consumption and idle time whenever possible 
  • Eliminating rework  
  • Taking care of our equipment and maintaining it 

We recently reached 1,400 employees and have the largest backlog in the company’s history. I remain optimistic that we will prevail and continue to lead our industry. 

We continue to try to show our appreciation by once again sharing a $1M Construction Bonus with our hourly field personnel at the end of the construction season. You will also notice a new initiative highlighted in this edition providing scholarships to the children of our employees. 

Within the next few weeks, we will release a new video highlighting our history, people, and values. The overarching theme is the sense of family and the pride to be part of something great. As I watched the video, I felt so proud and blessed to be part of this company.  

So, for the rest of the year, let’s focus on the items we can control and allow God to work His plan. I am grateful for each of you and for the families that support you every day. 

Dan Garcia, President
April 15, 2022

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