Whitfield, GA

Carbondale Road Interchange Reconstruction

Asphalt Paving & Construction, Bridges & Structures, Concrete Paving & Construction
Georgia Department of Transportation

Project Details

The Carbondale Road Interchange Reconstruction is located in Whitfield County, Georgia. The purpose of the project was to take an aging and overcrowded interchange and replace it with a new, better functioning one.

The project consisted of the reconstruction of Carbondale Road over I-75 as well as the reconstruction of 0.5 miles of Carbondale Road. Included in the project was the installation of a roundabout at the intersection of US 41.

Instead of having conventional intersections on either side of the bridge over I-75 for the entrance and exit ramps, roundabouts were installed. Building roundabouts instead of intersections provided a way for there to be a continuous flow of traffic, both on and off the interstate. The roundabouts also presented a few challenges involving staging since they were constructed using concrete paving.

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