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Dear C.W. Matthews,

I never thought that I would need to have a pastor officiate my 20-year-old daughter’s funeral, but when I did have a need, I did not know where to turn. We pray every day, but we do not attend church services regularly. I did not know who to ask.

I have also been to funerals that were horrible because the Pastor knew nothing about the wonderful person that had passed. I wanted better for my beautiful, sweet girl. Samantha deserved the best, she was incredibly special to so many people.

My husband Octavio mentioned that C.W. Matthews has a company Pastor named Todd Rainwater. He explained that he had met him previously and that he was a great well-spoken guy. I had never heard of a company Pastor before, but I thought it was a nice thing for a company to have one. I was terrified and skeptical but agreed to reach out to him.

Losing a child is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through in my life. We were grieving and lost, we were just trying to breathe and put one foot in front of the other. We met with Todd, and he asked us to tell him everything about our precious daughter. He was not going to give a generic service, which calmed my fears immediately. He helped us in so many ways, I reached out to him again about the funeral pamphlet, which order to put the invocation, scripture, benediction, hymn, reflections, and prayer in. He held our hands through the entire process and guided us in the right direction.

Pastor Todd supported my family 100%, he provided comfort and assistance during an incredibly difficult and challenging time. Todd, I cannot thank you enough for soothing us with prayer and kind words. You were on time, you made the service beautiful, you brought the microphone and podium, I just could not have asked for a better Pastor. You are truly a blessing, and you made a difficult day less stressful. To this day, I still hear from people saying what a beautiful service, and how incredible you were that day.

C. W. Matthews, by having such an incredible company Pastor, I hope you realize that what you gave to us was beyond words. I don’t know of many companies that actually mean it when they say “family first” but I see it in your actions and your choices. I hope my husband stays there until he retires, because you all treat him like he is family. You see him as a person, not just as an employee working for your company.

Thank you kindly from the bottom of our broken hearts,

Andrea and Octavio Rivas

Andrea and Octavio Rivas, Roadway Foreman
March 21, 2023

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