Asphalt Construction

Our 25-Plant Asphalt Manufacturing Advantage

The Company's Asphalt Construction Division performs numerous types of asphalt milling and placement operations throughout Georgia.

Our internal Quality Control ensures our plants continue to produce quality hot mix asphalt at the lowest possible prices, providing our asphalt customers to stay competitive and on schedule.

Matthews has placed asphalt on every major interstate in these areas to help keep Georgia's and South East Tennessee's Highways the smoothest riding roads in the nation. We've also overlaid thousands of state routes and county/city roads through the Road Improvement Program.

This division also works on the numerous projects associated with our Roadway and Bridge Divisions.

Just look around. Chances are you'll see Matthews crews and equipment everywhere. Each project we tackle is a careful balance of cost, time, quality and safety. No one does this as well as CWM's Asphalt Construction Division.

76 Years of Service
(1946 - 2022)