Henry County, GA

Blackhall Road Bridge Replacement

Bridges & Structures
407 Calendar Days
Georgia Department of Transportation

Project Details

The Blackhall Road Bridge Replacement was an A+B bid project. Blackhall Road is located in Henry County, Georgia. The purpose of the project was to replace the original bridge that was constructed in 1961 and no longer met modern design and flood stage standards.

This bridge replacement was a special project because the road could only be shut down for 60 days, meaning that 90% of the work had to also be done in that time frame. The total project length was 407 calendar days. Since the road closure time frame was so tight, the beams and bridge deck were constructed in two staging areas prior to the closure. The deck sections were set in place during the 60 day closure and fused together with Ultra High Performance Concrete. Although this is an unconventional method, it allowed CWM to work under the tight closure schedule and still meet the deadline.

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