Runway 9R/27L Reconstruction

Only 33 Days Long: Runway 9R/27L Reconstruction

Rebuilding an existing runway at one of the world's busiest airports without causing delays? For C.W. Matthews, a major, but not daunting proposition.

After converting an existing taxiway into a temporary runway, the project was finished ahead of schedule in just 33 days.

Runway 9R/27L Reconstruction, which included new FAA NAVAID facilities, airfield lighting and other necessary structures, involved removing an existing 9000 foot long 16" thick runway and replacing it with a new 18" thick runway, as well as a complex system of lighting, storm sewer, and underdrain improvements.

Meeting this significant challenge called for multiple innovations.
Two 12-hour shifts were manned, seven days a week. During the height of construction, the project employed roughly 500 people per shift.
Four stage completion allowed access to south airport facilities.

This innovative project has become an example of fast-track paving and has garnered national and global interest from transportation officials.

76 Years of Service
(1946 - 2022)