Chamblee, GA

Peachtree DeKalb Airport Runway 16-34 Rehabilitation

Grading & Earthwork
125 Calendar Days
Peachtree Dekalb Airport

Project Details

Peachtree DeKalb Airport (PDK), located in Chamblee, Georgia, is a bustling general aviation airport serving the greater Atlanta area. Spanning over 700 acres, this facility offers a wide range of aviation services and amenities. The airport features three well-maintained runways (two parallel runways and one perpendicular runway), capable of accommodating various aircraft types, and a state-of-the-art terminal building with comfortable passenger lounges. Strategically located just 10 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta, Peachtree DeKalb Airport serves as a vital hub for private, corporate, and charter flights, catering to the needs of both local and transient pilots. With an average of 230,000 take-offs and landing operations per year, this is the second busiest airport in metro Atlanta. The airport boasts a vibrant aviation community, which includes flight schools, aircraft maintenance providers, and aviation-related businesses, contributing to its dynamic and thriving atmosphere.

In early 2023, CWM was awarded the contract for Runway 16-34 (perpendicular runway) Rehabilitation and RSA (Runway Safety Area) Improvements. This project included the total removal of over 77,000+ Square Yards of Runway Asphalt, 52,000+ Square Yards subgrade preparation, 12,000+ Cubic Yards of new graded aggregate base stone, 4,500 Linear Feet of concrete drainage ditches, 55,000+ Tons of new Asphalt runway/taxiway surfaces, and the creation of a new drainage pond to improve drainage from the south-eastern portion of the airport property.

Given the important nature of this airport’s daily operations, this project was sub-divided into three phases, each more complex than the last. Phase one kicked off in late spring with 7-days of around the clock work surrounding the portion of the runway that intersected with the shorter of the two parallel runways. Immediately following the completion of phase one, CWM crews began work on the 54-day-long Phase two which will last through August this year. This portion of the project includes the lion share of the runway 16-34 work and the creation of the new pond and related drainage facilities located at the eastern end of the 16-34 runway. As crews finish phase two, they will then transition into the third and final phase. Lasting 11 days in length, phase three will require the total shutdown of the main and longest runway so that crews can remove and replace the last portion of the old runway infrastructure.

Once completed, the rehabilitation of runway 16-34 will allow air traffic to land at Peachtree DeKalb Airport on days that a strong cross wind would otherwise interrupt the two main runway operations. With such a significant impact on the aviation industry within the state of Georgia, this runway rehabilitation will ensure that PDK can continue to offer safe passage for decades to come. This project is yet another notable example of the hard work our crews put in everyday to ensure that we continue our mission of "Getting Georgia Home."

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